Each and every day I wake
Obsessed with just one word
My mind has birthed this grand quake
My heart soaring like a bird

Breathing life force into thought
As if masterfully taught
The students reel on the block
Mystically they see and flock

All skepticism erased
They take off into flight
My willed magic is embraced
This knowledge they hold tight

I shall relinquish a hint
Like a taste being erased
Just a wee bit of a glimpse
From another man’s broad face

A pleasure deep
Regained in heat
My tale careens
Your brain indeed
From the latrine

Beginning with ample fear
Absolutely no control
Super shy I was adhered
To my skyward dreams untold

As I practiced day and night
Working creatively free
This journey bound I did like
Building confidence in me

In a flash it happened quick
Before my wide eyes could see
I picked up that magic stick
My grip forever will be

It changed my life fast with fire
Blazing quick defining skill
A master was my desire
No lingered trace of weak will

Go ahead and ask me now
It is just a simple phrase
I can and will tell you how
For it will shock and amaze




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