am not satisfied with just that. SHC somehow manages to ignite a spark of fascination within me (no pun intended). So I / and more. Remember to comment / and online. Heather works both in front of and behind the camera / and years to come... not just once. Another aspect to JMac Productions is that we have a focus on documentary programming which includes real / blood spurred out of my mouth (or so I’m told) and somehow I ended up hospitalized. As the saying goes “Tis but a scratch!” and that wasn’t g / bursts into flames due to some chemical reaction within the body without being externally ignited through a heat source. Though not all SHC v / doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. While there have been reported cases of humans spontaneously combustion / entertainers and celebrities. A native of Toronto / EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG..... Spontaneous Human Combustion / feet and limbs) along with the surroundings remain untouched by the flames. Sounds impossible / Heather now calls Las Vegas home and thrives on the unique energy of the city. As the owner of Heather Vale Media she tells stories through c / host / I am planning to do a little more than human combustion. I will be experimenting with spontaneous human combustion AND harness it! Let me jus / I for one / in this case; human / interviewer / live event coverage / months / or at least lived to tell the tale. To see more images check the blog…human-combustion/ Visit www.Seth / otherwise known as SHC for short occurs when an object / photos and writing. (production services) (video/hosting services) / print / putting myself on fire went a little wrong (in more than a few ways) / radio / red carpets / regularly interviewing experts / Seth Grabel have taken it upon myself to bring to you the greatest and most unexplained experiments of all time; yes / specializing in covering and documenting events through video / Spontaneous Human Combustion! While my first try wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows – to be a little more precise / subscribe and share the magic! Empower your MAGIC! / the average person sees over a thousand advertising messages a day. The question we get asked the most is "How can I possibly stand out with / the torso suffers great burns but the person’s extremities (which include the hands / trade shows / videographer and photographer known as The Unwrapper™. For over 20 years she has worked in all media: TV / visit All Rights reserved on Produced videos. For information on videos or personal appearances email managem / We love to hear your comments! This video is uploaded by SG Productions LLC. If your looking for more info on Seth Grabel / well / well – awesome! Next time though / writer



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