CHARACTERS / FUN / I created a stage show all around pickpocketing. Take a look a the video below to see what I do. / I was hooked! It's super fun to do pick pocketing and give people their belongings back. It's like going into someone's personal bubble and j / MAGIC / PICK POCKETING On this episode of Magic on Maui I steal a watch and give it back. It took me a long time to perfect the watch steal but when / subscribe and share the magic! Empower your MAGIC! / visit All Rights reserved on Produced videos. For information on videos or personal appearances email managem / We love to hear your comments! This video is uploaded by SG Productions LLC. If your looking for more info on Seth Grabel

#MagicOnMaui – Stealing watches for fun! An honest theif and give it back! | #SethGrabel


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