Magic and Life

A Coin Toss Into Wonder

Hey guys! This last week has been a roller coaster ride and it is not stopping anytime soon. This week is going to be even more challenging. I do however have a few hours to spare here and there for some fun and relaxation. A BBQ here, a street performance there. You can’t work all the time you know.

For this blog post I want to talk about another bread and butter illusion all magicians have. The art of coin magic.

Now when I say coin magic, I am really talking about for the most part, sleight of hand. Coin magic itself has been around ever since coins have been in existence. But sleight of hand illusion has been around much longer. And it is not just limited to the hands and fingers. This skill has been used through the centuries not only for entertainment of course. It has relieved the rich from their wealth, baffled the gullible into following leaders blindly, and as a linchpin, have crumbled kingdoms by simply misdirecting them into their own demise.

You see, having mastery of this wonderfully small object that holds a value all require to live, is a power that should always be welded with care and wisdom. A single coin that can be dissolved simply into your fingertips in one hand and transported into your other hand can be a wonderful superpower to those who would use it to take advantage of others. For one coin, can easily be multiplied into a hundred.

But, for a magician. This power and skill is performed and made to inspire a bloom of wonder in the hearts of any whom would dare to believe in magic. How did that magician pull a fifty cent piece out of my ear? How can they pluck a seemingly endless supply of coins from thin air to fill a bucket? How on earth did that small penny turn into a large copper penny the size of a frisbee right in front of my face?

By itself, a single coin is just money. A coin the hands of a magician is a gateway to a reality not many get to see and experience.


“Oh brown penny in my shoe, the luck you bring shall give me balance on my journey.”





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