Magic and Life

Winding the Dollhouse

Hey guys! This post I wanted to talk about an interesting amalgam of magic, dreams, and a movie that I incorporated into my magic act.

A long while ago I was in Los Angeles doing a show and while I was on a walk to get something to eat I saw a fleet of people lined up outside of some building all wearing mad hatter costumes. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Everyone was talking really loud, others were acting out scenes from the movie, and some looked really terrifying. The image and feeling I got walking past everyone was quite unsettling and at the same time, quite entertaining.

So after the show that night I crashed and had a pretty creepy dream where I was doing my act on stage but through the whole thing, I was being controlled by a wind up gear in my back. Every few minutes my body would stop working and my stage hands would have to run on stage and wind me back up so I could finish my performance.

That morning during breakfast, the idea popped in my head to create my dollhouse illusion that I currently perform in my act. It was perfect! I had a marketing motif of a mad hatter look to advertise the new act which would emote the feeling I got when I saw all the hatters and linked that with a wind up doll effect for one of my assistants that would spot light a magic & dance routine.

Below is a video of the illusion come to life.


“There are a lot of unexpected moments in life that can transform your view of things for the better.”




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